Here at Focus Camps we want to create high level training camps in a fun and relax atmosphere, where everybody is welcome regardless of experience level or affiliation.


It is our goal to bring you worldclass instructors/competitors to teach you their best game. A training camp will be built around 1 or 2 positions that will be explored in depth. When you go home after the camp, you will have a profound understanding of the topic and have training material for weeks and months to come.


Apart from high level training, we also strive to give you high level fun. In the evenings we'll head into the city for some famous Belgian beers and socialising with complete strangers who share the same passion, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. As a friend of mine once called it "Walhalla, during the day we fight and die, during the evening we rise again and feast."




Hope to see you on the mats at one of our camps!